Culinary Cottage Cuisine
A Personal Chef and
Catering Service

(from the kitchens of Merridun or from your kitchen)

  • Tired of the Same Old Take-out?
  • Too Busy to shop and cook?
  • Busy Schedule? 
  • Tired of eating out?
  • Ready to scream when the family says "What's for dinner?"

Who needs this service?

Busy Professionals
People with Special Health or Dietary Needs
New Parents
Special Occasions
New Home Owners
People Who Have "Everything"
No Special Reason
the perfect way to just say I Love You!
People Who Just Don't Want to Cook!
· YOU!

Call Peggy at 864-427-7052 for additional information.

Peggy Waller


Complete Personal Chef Service
Do you have dietary restrictions,  allergies, or just want
meals prepared to meet your specific desires  and needs?
We can do a family/personal  assessment and then customize
menus for you and your family.
At this time, we can prepare meals at your house or at the Inn.
Fresh or Frozen Service

Need Entertaining Assistance?
More and more people are choosing to
 entertain in their homes -  we can assist as little,
or as much, as you desire.

Food/Meals for Pick-up
Food/Meals Delivered
Complete meals prepared  at the Inn  or in your home.
Full Catering Services
Home Tea Parties
Group Cooking Parties

Current Menus:
Please Call

An Evening in Town:

Printable Menu Here

Thursday Night Delight!

We are now taking reservations for December parties; call if we can be of service. (Can also assist with your home entertaining.)

Printable Brochure Here

Printable Menu Here:

Current Thursday Night Delight Menu Here

Let us help each week!..or even just occasionally!

We will plan the menus, shop for groceries, prepare the meals and package the food for you.  All you have to do is pick them up; warm them and enjoy fresh food  with family and friends! Here's a few ideas on how this might work for you:

  • Feed the kids early and set the table for a late romantic dinner for just 2.
  • Invite friends in for an evening of Scrabble, Monopoly or cards-Dutch Treat.
  • Invite friends/family for dinner - your treat - very few dishes to wash.
  • After work or volunteer meetings - pick up meals and no one has to cook or do dishes.
  • Give a gift certificate to new parents, new neighbors, new bride/groom, as a Get Well gift, for Mother's Day, etc.
  • An opportunity to try new foods and also enjoy old favorites

Here's How it Works:

1. We plan the menu. 
2. You call to place your order by noon on the Monday before you want a 
Thursday dinner(s). 
3. We shop, cook the food and package it to go for you. 
(The meal will include: Main Entree, Appropriate Starch & Vegetable(s), and a 
Dessert from the kitchens of Merridun!) We will also provide heating instructions. 
4. You pick it up at The Inn at Merridun on the date wanted, between the 
hours of 5-6:30 PM. 
5. Orders not picked up as ordered will be billed. 

Payment is by check or cash. 
Meal prices vary; tax is included. 

Current Menus: Print menus from above or email request to:

We hope you have the pleasure of our food soon!


Call Peggy at 864-427-7052 for additional information.