100 Merridun Place
Union, South Carolina 29379
(864) 427-7052

Welcome... We invite you to make Merridun your home away from home. Join us in a small Southern college town where you are offered the opportunity to savor
life at a more leisurely pace

Look...at the beautiful colannaded homes General Sherman missed. See the South in 
its colorful splendor--blooming azaleas, magnolias and wisteria.

Listen...can you hear the birds and squirrels?...the train in the distance?...
or the soft strains of Mozart and Beethoven?

Smell...the clean air, the warm chocolate of freshly baked cookies, 
country suppers in the oven, the fragrance of freshly cut blossoms...

Come...Merridun beckons you to sit on her marble verandas,
sip an iced drink and relive memories of a bygone era. 
Partake of Merridun's charm and hospitality just once--
we think you'll want to return!

Peggy Waller and JD, The Inn Cat

-your innkeepers-

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100 Merridun Place
Union, South Carolina 29379
(864) 427-7052
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